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CafePress Offers Great Gift Ideas!

83454697v2_240x240_front_color-babyblue.jpgIn case you can’t read it, this tshirt says: I Love Aunt Jessica. My lucky nephew is getting one this Christmas from yours truly. My brother and sis in law should be “thrilled”…

And seriously, how cute is that?? CafePress is an online shopping source where you can find just about anything printed on a shirt, mug, sticker, hat, stationary, and more!

You can buy on CafePress and if you have a creative side you can design and sell there too. Many clever products with quick and really reasonable shipping rates. If you have someone on your holiday gift giving list that has everything, browse CafePress and you’ll likely find a thing or two you can’t resist!


December 2, 2007 at 9:59 pm 1 comment

And The Winner Is…

il_155x125_13872039.jpgRenae H.! Congrats, Renae, on winning your very own (adorable!) hat from Bluemchen! Renae’s fav hat is the dual colored white/periwinkle/green/orange stripe and red/pink/orange/brown stripe in size 0-3 mos!

Thanks to everyone that participated and hopefully we will have another giveaway soon!

November 30, 2007 at 2:56 pm 1 comment

It’s Another MomAppeal Giveaway!

il_155x125_13872501.jpgWhen it rains it pours (so they say), and another mama-preneur has contacted us with verry cute products that everyone needs to take a peek at. The company is called Bluemchen, and the products are handmade hats (and burp cloths) that are really, really unique and cute! All products are designed and handmade by a mom, and all hats are made from recycled materials…isn’t that a neat twist? Sizes come in 0-3 months and 3-9 months…so consider these cute accessories for the baby in your life!

One lucky reader will receive the hat of their choice, compliments of the designer! All you need to do is visit the Bluemchen Etsy site and pick the hat you like best. Then log a comment into this post, noting your fav. Or, you can email us your entry at Be sure to put “hat giveaway” in the subject line. A random name will be chosen on Friday, and the designer will coordinate sending you your product!

Happy shopping and good luck!

November 26, 2007 at 12:44 pm 5 comments

Snip-its Is A Hair Salon Just For Kids!

character-logo1.jpgWe are known at the hair salon. Note I didn’t say we are well known, because I think the staff wishes we never showed up the second we pack up and head home! My son has a really, really, really hard time getting his hair cut. No specific reason that I know of, but as soon as he hears the scissors sound by his ears, all heck breaks loose. By the end, I am covered in hair (itchy!) and sometimes (most times!) he has tossed his cookies (that’s the best way I can think to say it this morning). I am proud to say I know when that’s coming and I have always removed the stylist from harms way before the real mess begins!

A family friend is opening a new location of the kiddy hair salon Snip-its today in Brookfield, and I can’t wait to get my son in for a fun (and much needed!) haircut. This salon totally caters to kids…colorful decor, cartoons, toys, games, computer games, treats, and a prize at the end…I want to get a haircut there!

Snip-its is a franchise, so check the site to see if there is a location of this hip kiddy salon near you. If you will be in the Milwaukee area, the new Snip-it’s that opens in Brookfield today is offering haircuts for $9.99 until the end of the year…good deal!

My son will likely be in the Snip-its chair next Friday…I’ll let you know how it goes…

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What Happened To Postman Pat on NBC?

postman-pat.jpgWe have received a few emails wondering what happened to Postman Pat on NBC. Readers will recall I plugged this show back when it was only on HBO, and then I let you know it would start airing on NBC on Saturday mornings starting in October. In all honesty, we have enough episodes saved on Tvo to last a lifetime, so I haven’t had to tune in to NBC to get my Pat fix…so thanks for checking in with this seemingly unannounced change!

 So far, the only thing I have found online is this quote on a blog associated with the Orlando Sentinal:

“A few weeks ago, I posted some information on Postman Pat, a quaint new British show on NBC’s Saturday morning kids lineup. Tiny Dancer liked it though I’d had my doubts about it, thinking the storylines might not appeal much to toddlers …well, last Saturday we had it on and I see that it’s soon to be replaced with Jacob Two-Two. I inquired to one of Postman Pat’s PR reps a couple days ago, and she’s trying to get more information.”

I too will inquire with NBC and HBO, and will let you know what I find out!

November 11, 2007 at 1:09 pm 1 comment

For Knitters And The Knitters They Love…

Not that I am terrific at it, but I love to knit. I consider myself an enthusiastic beginner. Beginner or otherwise, all knitters know that it’s completely “normal” to have many, many (many!) projects going at once. My husband thinks I made this fact up, but I swear it’s true!

So lots of projects yielded putting one down for several weeks. I picked it back up this weekend and realized for the first time that with knitting (as with most things), you get what you pay for. I had purchased a set of Signature Needle Arts size 9 knitting needles with a stiletto tip and they are hands down the finest needle I have ever worked with in the 7 or so years I’ve been plugging along.

Signature Needle Arts needles are made in Kenosha, Wisoconsin. In full disclosure, I’m from the city right next door so I was buying a set of these needles from my “neighbors” no matter what. The needles were conceptualized and put into production by a knitter that was tired of commercial needles being too dull or too weak, and often not made in America. 

Each set of needles are custom. You go to their web site and you pick the size, length, decorative end and the needle tip. All this customization and you still receive your product really quickly. The customer service is awesome. I placed my order and the same day received a call from the owner offering a suggestion for a different needle tip for the project I was doing…and she was absolutely right!

Signature Needle Arts products have been featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they have beautiful ads in Vogue Knitting and Interweave, and they were very well received a Stitches Midwest a few months ago. Soon they will be putting double pointed needles into production.

So if you or a friend is a knitter, consider adding these beautiful needles to your/their collection. No kidding, you will be tempted to throw away any plastic or aluminum needles you’ve used in the past and make these needles your new collection!

October 30, 2007 at 7:43 am 1 comment

Holiday Gift Idea – Roy Toy!

pcancabincan.jpg My son has Lincoln Logs, and enjoys them very much. I knew I wanted to get him more logs to build with this holiday season, and came across Roy Toy play sets online. Very Lincoln Log -esque, but what I like about Roy Toy products is that the logs are not round…soooo much easier for toddlers to build successfully with!

Many sets to choose from, all well priced to fit any budget…from stocking stuffer up to big time gift giving. Reasonble shipping costs and my order arrived very promptly on my door step. Another plus (for me) is that this product is created in Maine.

Take a peek at all of Roy Toy’s products…you won’t be disappointed!

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