TykeLights offer portable lighting for your child!

October 21, 2007 at 4:05 pm Leave a comment


When I was out visiting family, my sister-in law had a rather unusual looking device on her beautiful twin babys’ dresser(I am a proud first-time aunt can you tell??).  I had to ask about it and found out it was a Tykelight! 

TykeLights are these amazing little light-up creatures that contain a rechargeable battery which keeps them going for 10 hours.  Set the TykeLight on it’s base (which plugs into the wall) to get some juice, take it off and it lights up!  Perfect for providing light for your child in the middle of the night, AND, it’s portable for those walks down the hallway in the middle of the night to mom and dad’s bed or the bathroom… genius! 

Ours is coming via Amazon and I can’t wait for it!   It is also available at Target online , and possibly in their stores.   Take a look at the differences–one model does have a sleep timer which will turn the TykeLight off after 15 minutes.  That feature is great for not wanting so much light all night, or as an agreed upon signal to your child that it’s time to stop playing with toys and books in bed and get to sleep.  Since it doesn’t plug into the wall, you also don’t have to worry about little hands fidgeting with it while it is in the outlet—a nightlight problem in our house!   TykeLights absolutely have MomAppeal!  Mama Jen


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