Accessible French Candles…Ooo la la!

September 19, 2007 at 7:27 am Leave a comment

comptoir_candles.jpgI had the good fortune of experincing two Comptoir de Famillecandles over the weekend. The two scents were Thyme & Basilic (Basil) and Cafe Creme. Both were (are!) awesome. First, they are gorgeous. The candles come in a beautiful glass container that can later be reused as a dessert dish. The colors are soft, natural, neutral, and will “work” in any setting. These candles were a perfect addition in my classic styled living room and they also fit my mom’s more contemporary styled decor like a glove.

Most importantly (in my opinion!), the burn and the scent. Two things that really bug me about candles is when they burn poorly (picture a hole straight down the candle) and/or when they stink (certain manufactured scents literally make my nose itch!). Not the case with these candles. I burned my candles for hours at a time, and they burned perfectly and very efficiently…these candles are going to last a while! The scents are subtle and “real”…I’m not kidding, you will love these!

I think these candles are a really, really great gift idea. Available online from Le Bourdon Home & Garden (free shipping over $100!), these candles are unique, high quality, and affordably priced. I suggest you buy at least 4…remember they turn into dessert dishes…pass the sorbet! 


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