More Goodies To Aim For Stress Free Travel!

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Ooo, I REALLY like this airplane seat blanket that mama Jen just posted about. I get a cold every time I travel by plane. I’ve decided that it is because 1. I have made up my mind beforehand that airplanes are germy and I’m going to get sick, and 2. airplanes ARE germy and the liklihood IS high that you’ll pick up a cold mid flight! Anyway, I’m keeping this product in mind the next time I hop a plane! I have been meaning to post about a couple of other fly friendly items, and this is the perfect time to do it!

story_of_cares02.jpgThe first is the CARES airplane safety belt for kids over the age of 1 and between 22 and 44 lbs. CARES is FAA approved, so no need to make a special call to the airline to let them know your child will be wearing one in their seat.

11798_3.gifIf you need to bring a car seat on your trip and on board the plane, consider the car seat Pac Back from One Step Ahead. This product is designed to make lugging(I mean toting) a car seat through an airport a little easier.

So the next time you travel by plane, pack these items along with as many airline approved games, books, dvds and snacks that the you can stuff into your carry on…happy (and safe) travels!


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Flying on a plane with allergies is made better with PlaneSheets Accessible French Candles…Ooo la la!

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