Flying on a plane with allergies is made better with PlaneSheets

September 16, 2007 at 4:43 pm 1 comment

rick_leslie.jpg Recently, a friend of ours was researching flying with her daughter who has severe food allergies.  She was nervous about wiping down the plane seats, because her daughter could have a reaction just being in contact with residue or near the foods she is allergic to.  Talk about stressful parenting!!!  The research she did to help make things as safe as possibe on their multiple flights from the US to New Zealand, led her to this amazing product by!!!

Leslie Danelion and Rick Berge, whose relationship began as a long distance relationship with numerous flights between Minneapolis and Los Angeles, are the masterminds behind this great product.  With so much flying, they were subjected to unclean airplane seats so often, that they ended up making a cover to use…now their idea has grown into a successful company that helps so many people address cleanliness on flights, as well as lower the risk of coming into contact with allergens.  Smart smart smart!!!

If you, or someone you know flys often, or needs something to aid in the protection from allergens while flying, check these out!!  They are available as reusable, washable plane seat covers, or disposable covers!  Mama Jen


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  • 1. annie malcolm  |  June 4, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    I have an allergy when I fly and do not know what causes it.
    No one seems to share this experience. I am not allergic to anything to my knowledge. However, since 1995 I have had a sever allergic reaction to flying on an airplane. I break out in a red hot rash (like a sunburn) over my body. It is itchy and sore and takes week to heal even on sterioids. My skin then flakes and peels. Last flight in April 2008 I ended up in hospital oversees with a high temperature.
    Does anyone know of anyone with a similar condition or can give input/insight into this horrible condition.


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