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The Today show’s top five sandwiches includes the Lobster Roll from Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay

sch-lobster-roll-overhead-021006sm.jpg  And I ate it last week!!!! 

On our trip to the Bay Area last week, where we used to live, our friends who live in Half Moon Bay suggested we all go to Sam’s Chowder House for dinner.  I had never been there because it wasn’t there when I had lived out there—our friends are real foodies, so I knew we were in for a treat.  The restaurant is right on the ocean, so there are wonderful views.  It was casual though, which was good since we both had our kids in tow.

Once I mentioned the Lobster Roll on the menu, our friends chimed in about how delicious it is and how, no matter what we order, we must get two for the table to share…we also learned that it was one of the top five contenders last week for “America’s Best Sandwich” on The Today Show.

Well!!!!  East Coasters prepare yourselves!!!  This is the best lobster roll I have ever had, and for good reason!  I love lobster, and that is what you get…lots of tender big pieces of lobster which aren’t hidden under the typical mound of mayo—just light dressing of delicate butter, herb and celery.  Out of this world.  Even the ex-East Coaster in our party agreed.

If you find yourself in Half Moon Bay (where I have long had visions of my fantasy dwelling), you must go to Sam’s Chowder House for their famous Lobster Roll!  (Don’t forget—being able to have lobster in a rustic but swanky, oceanside restaurant where it is fine to have your kids in tow is a huge plus!)  Mama Jen


September 30, 2007 at 12:54 pm Leave a comment – Loans That Change Lives

First I read about on Yahoo. Then it was featured on Oprah. I was just going through my favorites tab and remembered…I’m overdue to rave about this organization!

What a simple concept…small loans given to people in an effort to start or enhance a business. So far over $10 million (million!) has been loaned, and most loans have been fully repaid.

What makes this program so accessible is that the maximum loan you can make at this time is $25…a fairly manageable number. Once the loan is repaid, you may loan the same $25 again…it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

If you are intrigued and/or interested, go to the site and review all of the current loan applicants. Read their stories…review all of the people that have given to the cause…I guarantee you will be touched.

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What Are You Reading?

Here at MomAppeal, we strive to pack as much activity into a day as possible (what parent doesn’t?). So on my bed side table currently sits the following: a knitting project, tv remote, sleep number remote (this is for another post…love this bed!), a pile of magazines that I have 1 month to read before I am lapped by another set of issues, and a book. No, it’s not a very big table and yes clutter tends to be my middle name…

I love reading (and writing!) in the Parenting theme…The No-Cry Potty Training Solution is right next to the bed table…but I also love reading other good stuff that doesn’t necessarily have a Parent or Kid theme. Here are my latest favs…

51jfgzrlhjl__bo2204203200_pisitb-dp-500-arrowtopright45-64_ou01_aa240_sh20_.jpg Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver and family. This book is so interesting. Ms. Kingsolver and her family made a decision to only consume locally grown/made products for one year. It’s tricky to do these days, but they did it and per usual Barbara Kingsolver writes in a manner that absorbs us and makes us want to hop aboard and do it too!

21w6pc15g3l__aa180_.jpgBig Stone Gap (and anything else this woman writes) by Adriana Trigiani. Maybe it’s the writing style, maybe it’s the story lines, maybe it’s the settings. I don’t know, and I don’t need to figure it out. I love every book this author has written…check them all out!

41qtzcmassl__aa240_.jpgEvery single Harry Potter book written by JK Rowling. Again, I don’t know what it is, but if I’m willing to sit and read 700 pages of anything, I guarantee you it’s good!

So treat yourself…to a library card or a trip out to the local bookstore…enjoy!

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Accessible French Candles…Ooo la la!

comptoir_candles.jpgI had the good fortune of experincing two Comptoir de Famillecandles over the weekend. The two scents were Thyme & Basilic (Basil) and Cafe Creme. Both were (are!) awesome. First, they are gorgeous. The candles come in a beautiful glass container that can later be reused as a dessert dish. The colors are soft, natural, neutral, and will “work” in any setting. These candles were a perfect addition in my classic styled living room and they also fit my mom’s more contemporary styled decor like a glove.

Most importantly (in my opinion!), the burn and the scent. Two things that really bug me about candles is when they burn poorly (picture a hole straight down the candle) and/or when they stink (certain manufactured scents literally make my nose itch!). Not the case with these candles. I burned my candles for hours at a time, and they burned perfectly and very efficiently…these candles are going to last a while! The scents are subtle and “real”…I’m not kidding, you will love these!

I think these candles are a really, really great gift idea. Available online from Le Bourdon Home & Garden (free shipping over $100!), these candles are unique, high quality, and affordably priced. I suggest you buy at least 4…remember they turn into dessert dishes…pass the sorbet! 

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More Goodies To Aim For Stress Free Travel!

Ooo, I REALLY like this airplane seat blanket that mama Jen just posted about. I get a cold every time I travel by plane. I’ve decided that it is because 1. I have made up my mind beforehand that airplanes are germy and I’m going to get sick, and 2. airplanes ARE germy and the liklihood IS high that you’ll pick up a cold mid flight! Anyway, I’m keeping this product in mind the next time I hop a plane! I have been meaning to post about a couple of other fly friendly items, and this is the perfect time to do it!

story_of_cares02.jpgThe first is the CARES airplane safety belt for kids over the age of 1 and between 22 and 44 lbs. CARES is FAA approved, so no need to make a special call to the airline to let them know your child will be wearing one in their seat.

11798_3.gifIf you need to bring a car seat on your trip and on board the plane, consider the car seat Pac Back from One Step Ahead. This product is designed to make lugging(I mean toting) a car seat through an airport a little easier.

So the next time you travel by plane, pack these items along with as many airline approved games, books, dvds and snacks that the you can stuff into your carry on…happy (and safe) travels!

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Flying on a plane with allergies is made better with PlaneSheets

rick_leslie.jpg Recently, a friend of ours was researching flying with her daughter who has severe food allergies.  She was nervous about wiping down the plane seats, because her daughter could have a reaction just being in contact with residue or near the foods she is allergic to.  Talk about stressful parenting!!!  The research she did to help make things as safe as possibe on their multiple flights from the US to New Zealand, led her to this amazing product by!!!

Leslie Danelion and Rick Berge, whose relationship began as a long distance relationship with numerous flights between Minneapolis and Los Angeles, are the masterminds behind this great product.  With so much flying, they were subjected to unclean airplane seats so often, that they ended up making a cover to use…now their idea has grown into a successful company that helps so many people address cleanliness on flights, as well as lower the risk of coming into contact with allergens.  Smart smart smart!!!

If you, or someone you know flys often, or needs something to aid in the protection from allergens while flying, check these out!!  They are available as reusable, washable plane seat covers, or disposable covers!  Mama Jen

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Break Out The Wellies!

21f1woh2ckl__aa160_.jpgDoes your little one have a pair of wellies yet? Technically, wellie is short for Wellington Boots, but I pretty much call all rubber boots wellies because I love the word! 

Back to kids and wellies…my son has a pair of fairly traditional yellow wellies, and he wears them with pride all over the house. It’s cute all the time, but super cute when they are on the wrong feet! Anyway, my favorite site to look over many awesome wellie patterns is Wellie Art…the colors and patterns are endless but they all have this in common: comfy, functional, and CUTE!

Because I am a sucker for all things Burberry, the Burberry mid calf wellie is my personal fav. But more practically speaking, I’m all about the Gap’s wellies…black with red leopard print lining…nice!

Like it or not, fall is right around the corner…get your wellies and take on those rain puddles and the muddy terrain at the pumpkin patch with confidence and style!

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