Sittercity – A Helpful Babysitter Tool!

July 19, 2007 at 2:13 pm Leave a comment

glowlogo.gifIf you haven’t researched babysitters in your area yet…lucky you! It’s a ton of work – as it should be – since you are finding someone you plan to trust with your children. The last time I babysat (I call it babysitting, many call it nannying) I was 16 years old…over 15 years ago…and boy has the cottage industry changed! When I babysat, I have no idea how much I made per hour…I never asked and no one ever put an offer out to me about it! Sometimes it was $2 an hour, sometimes $3 an hour. One time I think made $5 an hour and I was absolutely amazed. I asked my mom what she earned when she babysat and she remembers $.50/hour. Also, I never knew what time I would be home from a babysitting job. Never before midnight, sometimes 2am. I’m (truly) a stickler about coming home when we said we would because of this, and let this be a word to all of the parents out there…babysitters DO NOT appreciate unplanned tardiness!

Flash forward to now…I have hired and handful of sitters over the last 2 years and here is what I know…rate of pay is up! This makes sense for many reasons, and our kids are without any doubt priceless. But on the other hand, some of the going rates can make it cost prohibitive to work outside the home or go out for a much needed date night!

A helpful tool to navigate the babysitter research waters is Sittercity. Sittercity is a web site that lists babysitter (and petsitter) profiles according to zip code. This is a fee based service, but browsing the babysitters listed on the site is free. What I find to be a very helpful tool is the babysitter pay rate calculator. You enter your zip code, number of children, age and years of experience of the babysitter, and an average pay rate for your area is calculated. This amount may or may not work out for the babysitter of your dreams, but it’s a good place to start so you don’t sit down to conduct an interview under the impression that the going rate in your neighborhood is $2/hour…those days are LONG gone!


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