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Going to Las Vegas and in need of designer sunglasses?

vegas.jpgWe all pay enough for shoes for our feet, so why do we stop when it comes to shades?

If you are in Las Vegas, you MUST go to Lunettes in in the Paris hotel and casino.

They offer a wide variety of high-end sunglasses from Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and many others.  The best part—go when Julie is working–the lady has miles of style and will help you find the perfect fit for your face…after trying on so many in my life, leaving stores with some winners and some losers, this service is worth the extra price!!  Happy Shopping!  Mama Jen


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What’s In Your (Kid’s) ipod?

The Apple ipod is a big deal at our house. We bought one that my husband never dreamed he could fill up, and now that’s my ipod and he is on to a bigger one! I describe all of this in fairly vague terms because I’m not nearly as techy as he is…he is for sure the ipod expert in our house.

But I have been known to make more than my share of download suggestions for our ipods…and not long after my son was born I asked, or maybe I begged, “can you pleeeeeease try to find some cool kid music for us to listen to?” Little did I know, and boy am I glad, that the children’s music genre is not merely the unkown person singing Mary Had A Little Lamb anymore! Here is a very short list of some of our fav kiddy music performers…

512inmnkghl__aa240_.jpgDan Zanes is my fav, and that’s why he tops this list. I like all of his songs, and I like his little videos in between shows on the Disney Channel in the mornings. Dan Zanes is coming here in concert in 2008, and I can’t wait!

41ncf2sjbsl__aa240_.jpgLisa Loeb…did you know she does kid’s music? Well she does, and it’s good stuff!

5128gzzr45l__aa240_.jpgRalph’s World…Ralph Covert is from Chicago, so I feel a midwestern kinship right off the bat. But his tunes are terrific too.

 515dyqf0k4l__aa240_.jpgJohnny Cash…yes, Johnny Cash! Did you know Johnny Cash put out a kid’s album in 1975? Remember, it came out in 1975, so don’t expect a light and sweet set of tunes…a  bit dark in tone, like everything Johnny Cash, but shouldn’t every kid be exposed to JC at an early age???

There are many more kid’s music artists loaded in our ipods…but this list will get you started…enjoy! 

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Charge gadgets at the beach with Reware’s Juice Bag!!


Check out this handy tote that you can take to the beach with you!!

It has a flexible and removable solar panel that is connected to a charging port–just like the one in your car—plug in your camera, cell, GPS, PDA, MP3 player etc and you are good to go! 

Never miss that great shot of your family, or an important phone call at the beach again!  (Note to Paris Hilton: you’ll never miss a chance to phone Barbara Walters  while on the go—-or run…)

Be creative…take it on a hike, camping, out on the boat, etc…you’ll have the opportunity to charge your all-important devices…

The ingenuity and convenience of this bag has tons of Mom Appeal! Mama Jen

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Socially Conscious Organic Green T from Libellula Creations!!!


I just received this hip little organic tee-shirt for my daughter from Libellula Creations, and it is gorgeous in every way!!

First, this little gem came packaged in zebra-print tissue paper, sealed with an adorable sticker–good to know if you are planning on ordering something here as a gift for Angelina Jolie  and Brad Pitt’s next baby–AND, the shirt is 100% sweatshop free, 100% organic,made in the USA, and just adorable!

I wish I could have you feel this shirt!  So soft and gentle against my babes delicate skin…it also inspires smiles from all the Grease lovers out there which makes it sooo fun to have her wear it!

Our friends at the mama owned Libellula Creations have offered a very exciting perk to MomAppeal readers. Use the discount code mmap10 to save 10%! Also, free shipping for orders over $99. Thanks Libellula Creations!!!

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Time For A Julia Roberts Baby Shower!

If you haven’t yet heard, Julia Roberts had baby number three this morning! I’ve always felt a mom bond w/ JR because we were pregnant at the same time when she had the twins. Now she has named baby three the same name as my guy…whadda ya know?

Back when we started MomAppeal, I posted a few gifts I would send to Larry Birkhead since he’d recently confirmed he was daddy to Danielynn. Now it’s time to come up with a few items I would send Julia, if she were my BFF…

websplash_baby.jpgI would for sure send her one of everything from the Kiehls Baby Line. My fav product is the diaper cream…scent free, grease free, effective and preventative bum cream! I would send an extra bottle of the foam hair and body wash because the toddlers can use it too!

blue_and_brown_disco_dot_blanket.jpgI like to give gifts in a basket, so I would need a verrry cute blankie to line the basket. My fav colors for baby boy stuff are brown and aqua combo’d together. With that in mind, the Blue and Brown Disco Dot Baby Blanket handmade by Crafty Babies is an absolute must. While I’m at it, I would also include the coordinating burp cloth and bib…unbelieveably cute design!

0620090107_100.jpgFinally, I would include something from Thymes in the amazing scent of Kimono Rose. Bath salts, soap, lotion…yes, yes, and yes! I know it’s all about baby, but mommy needs something nice too!

Of course, I am not BFF (or even just F) with Ms. Julia, so I won’t be pulling this gift together for her and shipping it out the door to CA asap…mostly because someone would probably be alarmed at well wishes from a stranger in WI! But this has me inspired for a great gift for the next mommy friend I know that has a baby…

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It’s The 2007 Million Mile Moms Challenge!!

item2.gifWhile working on research for my parent invented products at Target post, I discovered another product and a terrific activity that we all can participate in!

The product is The Strollometer and it is COOL! I happen to own three pedometers, mostly because I think they are nifty, so any ometer is going to be right up my alley! The Strollometer is similar in concept to a pedometer, but this product mounts to your stroller and measures steps taken while walking your baby as well as speed! No more 1 hour walk and then wondering what you accomplished.. Have you ever hopped in the car after a big walk and drive the route to measure miles? I have…I can’t believe I’m admitting this…and I won’t have to do it anymore! The Strollometer is available at several stores, and Target is where I found it.

Another very cool thing to note about this company is that they, along with StrollerFit, are sponsoring The Million Mile Moms Challenge to Combat Childhood Obesity. Using your Strollometer, you can keep track of steps taken and enter the info on a mileage log that you can download from either web site. The challenge is from June 15 to July 15, so we can all get started TODAY! We are all out strolling around anyway, put those steps to good use and help log 1 million miles this month!

Regular readers know how much we think fitness has Mom Appeal…here is a great way to get fit, with your little one along for the ride!

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Cinematters makes family movies matter!


If you’re looking for a fun way to connect with your children, the Cinematters team of “Master Stormbrainer”(Kelly Parthen) and “Captain Write Bright” (Shannon Payette Seip) have found a way that is full of MomAppeal!

Their Cinematters website includes past columns that have been syndicated to many newspapers and parenting magazines, as well as some parenting websites, reaching out to about 3,000,000 lucky readers.

What they do is absolutely fabulous!  They watch family movies such as “Flushed Away,” “Cars,” and “Flicka.”  They then take the time to find an underlying lesson, AND put together fun, do-it-yourself games to help you and your children apply that lesson to your own lives.

Just a couple of my personal faves, are the games that go with “Akeelah the Bee”—a crunchy, edible and kid-friendly form of Scrabble drives the lesson home—and “Shrek 2”—a confidence building game that focuses on helping children recognize their inner strengths.

Giving your children’s favorite movies more meaning while spending quality time together, obviously, has loads of Mom Appeal.

Psst!! The Cinematters team will also be opening an ultra-hip and nutritious kid-centered cafe in Middleton, WI called BeanSprouts this summer which we will review on soon…think posh high chairs, organic baby food delivered to your door, inventive kid and parent approved organic fare, trendy retail…We can’t wait!!!We’ll fill you in on all you need to know…keep your eye on MadisonMomAppeal for updates and a detailed review!

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