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Security While You Sleep

Ok, sleep has tons of MomAppeal….so, if you get worried about your family’s safety during severe weather, I have found an answer.

The Radioshack Desktop Weather Radio with Alarm Clock and SAME technology fits the bill!!!

A little over the top, maybe, but I  am sick of fighting sleep to watch the television for warnings.  I want full warning before I unknowingly get tossed to Kansas in the middle of the night! 

This unit gives me that security, and the S.A.M.E technology lets you narrow down what  areas, and emergencies you’d like an  audible alarm for, and which you’d rather not.  It is very simple to use, and I can tell you it works great!

One added bonus—there is a weather button that you can push to get up to the minute NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather conditions…so handy!! Jen


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Get Fit…Look Good Doing It!

images1.jpgSo if you are following our weekly thread of fitness suggestions that work, you may be itching to find some nice looking fitness clothes to go along with your new (or perhaps enhanced) endeavor. I spent the weekend fitness apparel shopping, and now that I’m home and tired, I will share with you a web site that will save you the time and gas money of driving all over the place in search of this and that…

Activa is an awesome site to buy just about anything in the quality fitness apparel and/or accessory department. Name a brand…Nike, Adidas, Under Armour…check, check, and check. Name an article of clothing…yoga pants, tshirts, sneakers, jackets…all covered at this one tidy site for women. My fav pages are the selection of capris and sports tops. Free shipping for purchases over $125…and a great sale selection.

If you do get hooked on this great selection, I suggest at least considering the Activa Diva Club…you pay $34.99/year but if you shop enough, it’s likely worth it. Heck, it may be worth it just to tell people you’re in a diva club!!

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Time Saving Fitness!

images.jpgRecently, Dustin introduced a grueling but rewarding addition to our workouts…interval training.  It really works, and takes less time…leaving more time for playing in the sprinkler with your kids! Try it out, and be sure to let us know what you think…read on as Dustin explains how it’s done!

“Gone are the days of fast walking and low intensity cardio to get the job done—it just isn’t very effective at burning calories and both are a big time commitment, not to mention too hard on the skeletal structure. 

All research is pointing to interval training as the new cardio of the future. A new research study out of Australia found that interval training is 3 times more effective at burning fat than traditional low intensity jogging. Why isn’t everyone doing it you ask? Well… it’s flat out tough!

What exactly is interval training? Interval training is any traditional mode of aerobic exercise, but it’s the intensity level that makes it different. Interval training consists of high intensity bursts of effort followed by a recovery period. Usually the recovery period is 2-3 times longer than the high intensity part. Continue to repeat this high and low intensity rotation for the desired amount of time. For a fit individual, this might look like a 30 second all out sprint on the treadmill, followed by a 90 second recovery jog. For a beginning exerciser, it may be a 60 sec fast walk on an incline followed by a 120 sec slow walk on flat ground. 

Because interval training is much more intense, only spend 15-20 minutes doing it. Be sure so warm up for 5 minutes before and cool down for another 5 minutes after.”

Yep, he said only 15-20 minutes…now that’s my kind of workout!

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Sesame Street…B.E.

ergo-zoom-107×173.jpgTo quote Dan Zanes in one of his music videos that airs on The Disney Channel: This one is for the parents…

I noticed fairly quickly that the same episodes of Sesame Street run over and over on our PBS station. I have no idea why, but I thought to myself…this sure is odd considering the show has hundreds upon hundreds of episodes (Sesame Street has bee on tv since 1969). Well it turns out there are likely a number of reasons why old SS episodes no longer air…too dated, learning philosophies have changed, copyrites… Apparantly the Noggin channel aired old episodes for about 4 years, ending in 2003. But these days, 3 billion channels, and no old SS to be found.

Well, here is one of my more exciting discoveries in the last 3 months…Sesame Street: Old School. I personally refer to it as Sesame Street: B.E., meaning before Elmo. It’s not every episode, but it’s a start. This three disc set contains 5 episodes and several bonus skits from 1969-1974. Remember Mr. Hooper? Remember when no one saw Snuffy except for Big Bird? Ah, can you tell I was a fan?

If you have a dvd collection, add this set to it. Pop it in on those days when you need a dose of nostalgia…

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Toddler Tutus Are Fab!

strawberryorangecrushsm1.jpgLast week, a gal pal of my son’s showed up at the gym day care wearing a tutu. Not as in “I’m off to dance class”, but as in “This is my outfit today”. There is just something about toddlers casually draped in tulle…soooooo cute!

Fabby Gabby has a line of Froo Froos that should not be missed. What the heck is a Froo Froo, you may be asking? A Froo Froo is a Fabby Gabby handmade tutu, and mighty popular these days. Celebs like Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Courtney Cox-Arquette all have toddlers that have been seen sporting Fabby Gabby gear. My personal fav Froo Froo is the Pink Orange Crush Toddler Tutu. I simply love hot pink and orange together.

If you don’t already know a tutu clad baby or toddler, I promise you will meet one eventually…or, place an order for an adorable tutu today…your little princess will thank you!

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Know someone about to have twins?


The owner of has twins herself, so there are some really cute options for parents of multiples at this Australian company– there are also plenty of hip offerings for the singlton baby as well…

I absolutely LOVE the humor in these two sets for twins.  You will definitely get a good laugh while your babes are dressed in these numbers.  Excellent gift idea too I might add!!

The whole site, which is popular with celebs like Gwen Stefani, is wonderful—take a look around and find something that helps your child express themselves.  It just may make a grocery shopping trip a little more fun with all the smiles you’ll get! Jen     

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I gave in…and I am glad!!!


Ok, I know, this is nothing new.  A lot of vehicles (except mine) have had DVD players in them for a while now… I felt like a good old-fashioned mother who would  cheerfully sing songs and play games to elicit happiness from my  screaming 23month-old.  Well… the envy I felt when I would see cars passing with DVD’s being played for what might have been previously unruly pint-sized passengers, got the best of me.  I figured that the amount I could pay to have a portable player, would be much less than surgery for vocal nodules after too many rounds of “The Wheels on the Bus.” 

We bought this Insignia Portable DVD player from Best Buy, and it has been such a help when we are on long trips with our little one!  The monitors strap to the back of the front seat headrests for easy viewing, and I can control the DVD player that is plugged into my car’s adapter.  Very easy to use…

I am not saying those games and songs need to go out the window when you install this puppy, but, when you are on a long ride, it really helps.  People didn’t shy away from the wheel once it was invented now did they? 

For summer road travel, this DVD player has MomAppeal!!! Jen


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