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My daughter’s Pedoodles — I have shoe envy!!


As I start to write about this amazing shoe brand I fell in love with, I am forced to wonder–where are the shoes like this for adults?  Until Pedoodles adds a tab on their site for adult shoes I guess I’ll just have to rave about their baby and kids shoes!


                                   medium-pink-runner.gif                 medium-flower-power.gif


We had our daughter wearing Robeez until she really starting walking and needed more of a sole.  These are a natural second step.  They are still flexible which is recommended for young feet, but they have a protective sole.  The come in adorable colors and styles and they also have boots and sandals…lovely!!


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Ergo Baby – Your Back Will Thank You!

ergo-zoom-107×173.jpgThe term babywearing is not in the dictionary yet, but it’s on Wikipedia, so it’s probably on it’s way. Babywearing is exactly that, wearing/carrying your baby on you in a sling or carrier. There are tons of slings and carriers to choose from. Varied styles, prices, colors, materials and concepts; many slings or carriers are commercially made and many are handmade. Making the choice of what sling or carrier to purchase for your family is varied among as many people as you would ask. Ask 10 people what their preferred sling or carrier is, and I can almost guarantee you will get at least 8 different answers!

For me, the Ergo Babycarrier was a phenomenal purchase. I was actually perfectly satisfied with our Baby Bjorn, but I did have to admit that it was a little achy on my back. The Ergo is designed to carry your baby in front, on your back, or on your hip (my absolute fav feature). This carrier is on the pricey side, but it washes and wears well, and you may use it from birth (with an insert) to 40 lbs…now that’s a long time!

Ergo Baby Carriers are sold in select retail stores as well as online. More information about babywearing may be found on the NINO web site.

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Candinas Chocolatier – Mmmmmm MomAppeal!

logo.jpgI was fortunate enough to receive a 2 pack of Candinas Chocolatier Truffles this week from a friend. First of all, the packaging is so hip and cool, I literally kept the box to keep my son busy out in public in a pinch. Now, on to the truffles. Oh. My. Goodness. I should say, I’m not a chocolate expert by any means and will gladly eat Hershey Kisses by the handful, and I thought all truffles tasted like the Lindt Truffles you can buy in line at the grocery store. And then…along came Cardinas Chocolatier. Yum. Amazing. If there had been 12 in the box I would have eaten all twelve. Yep, that good.

Candinas is local to MomAppeal in that the factory is located in Verona, WI. However, you may order truffles via the Cardinas web site and have them shipped anywhere in the United States. Also on their web site you will find a listing of all of the flavors of truffles as well as the Candinas Story.

I can’t rave enough about these yummy chocolates. If you are local, don’t walk…RUN to one of Candinas two retail locations. If you are not local, hop over to the Candinas web site and get your Mother’s Day order in!

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Let Gwen Stefani style your little hipster…


Gwen Stefani is known for her great music and a wicked sense of fashion.  She has added to her L.A.M.B line of clothing and added some ultra cute and unique baby clothing.

Take a look at a few tops from the Japanese inspired Harajuku Lovers line.

               tutti-bella_1948_6068074.gif   tutti-bella_1948_17615094.gif                                   

Gwen’s little man Kingston wears the line too…Mother and son sushi date?!! Love it!


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Bumbo seat gives moms an extra hand!

Many of our friends have moved on to baby number 2, and I think a great gift for 2nd time mothers is the Bumbo Seat                                                                               


As soon as a baby can hold up his/her head, they can sit in this seat and have a nice upright view of the new world around them!  It is hygienic, helps babies learn trunk control, AND gives mom a place to have one of her babies sit happily when she’s busy…not bad!  This chair is lightweight and you can take it to people’s homes or restaurants and have your little babe sitting upright and next to you at the table.  You will not be disappointed with this seat! Jen


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I can stop my junk mail in 8 weeks???


I was watching Oprah and saw Matt Damon speaking about a company called 


For 10 cents a day, they will  act on your behalf to stop your unsolicited junk mail and plant a tree for you monthly.  Matt was given this as a gift…from Leonardo DiCaprio is my guess…maybe after a little chit-chat on the set of The Departed?  He then became a member of their company because he was so impressed with what they do and the power they have in impacting the environment. 

Give a membership as a gift to yourself, or maybe for an earthy mom for Mother’s Day this year!  Very unique way to help a bigger cause while also helping yourself! Jen

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Amaris Grace – From Belly To Baby!

picture0671.jpgAmaris Grace is an internet based clothing company that currently dresses babies and moms-to-be in oh so cute and clever designs. In the baby department there is a terrific selection of onsies with nearly all original designs. From cute to humorous, my current fav is the Made In America design…it could make such an adorable outfit at the 4th of July parade this year! Also, who could pass up the “I (Heart) Mommy/Daddy” designs?

The maternity tshirts are also very clever, and I personally would have loved the “March Mommy” design when I was pregnant.

Additionally, Amaris Grace offers hand stitched fleece baby blankets. Washable and soooo cute!

Based near Philadelphia, I have recently chatted with the owner and she is as accomodating as they come and would be a joy to work with if you were to need a custom design or some advice as you put together a shower or new baby gift.

Coming soon to Amaris Grace: Toddler T’s…I can’t wait!

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